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We will do our best to make sure you will be 100% satisfied. To get started, please provide us with the data below, so that we can place your website into our structured program and overcome any potential weak points as soon as possible.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Our team operates under strict privacy and confidentiality guidelines and your website data and information is safe with us. We are in no way interested in “content” of websites, and rather focus entirely on the technical matters around security and code-integrity.

Support Help Desk

For emergencies or matters relating to changes you would like done to your website, please use our Help Desk ticketing platform, which empowers us to keep track of each project in the necessary diligent manner.

Whether you need a menu rearranged, some pictures edited and placed somewhere, text content, or a new page set up, let us know. Depending on your subscription package, your plan includes up to an hour per month where we can make changes for you* (ESSENTIALS – NIL included time, BUSINESS ENTRY – 30 mins included, PREMIUM – 1 hour included).

If you require assistance on the ESSENTIALS package where all additional work is billed separately, or if a job looks like it will take seriously more time than what is included in your package, we get back to you to discuss the scope and let you have an idea (including a written quote) what time is needed, so we can come to an arrangement. You will notice along the way, that we are pretty generous with our time and many times just DO IT, even if it exceeds the allotted time (-:

In any case, NO additional billable work will be conducted without full clarity and your informed consent.

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