Done-For-You Customization Service for your new Landing Page Website


This is our massively reduced service offered to people who are struggling to get their own customizations completed.

FYI, this price is in AUD

We understand that life is super busy and sometimes it just doesn’t work to invest even the small amount of time needed to learn a new skill.

However, instead of charging our “standard” rates for a website of this nature, which would be somewhere between $1300 and $1800, we are keeping this offer within the philosophy of our newly changed direction, in this case being:

FREE WEBSITE + Max Discounted Customization.

We trust that this is a good deal.



In order for this to work well and in a smooth and timely manner, we will need your assistance.

IF you have some or most of the images and text content available, we will collect that from you and communicate with you to learn what you have in mind for the page.

In case you haven’t done much yet in the way of preparation, we work together more closely and come up with something.

We have a good copy writer in the team, who assists the designers on a regular basis.

Of course, the more you can give us to start with, the easier it is and the less back and forth there will be.



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