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About Us

LetMeCreateIT has been supporting clients from around the world with WordPress websites for over 10 years from Perth, Western Australia.

Our expertise covers everything from WordPress Web-Design, Un-Hacking Services, Page Speed Optimisation to custom Web Design and Online Consulting.

Having served hundreds of clients over the years, we have built up both a solid repertoire of design skills as well as are looking after many client websites on a regular basis.

Professional WordPress Website Management

Running a website is like running a high tech racing car. You wouldn’t be able to ignore regular maintenance and especially warning signals for a while, as usually that has costly consequences. Equally, your WordPress website needs to be properly maintained, secured and cared for on a regular basis. 
If you are on the ball regularly by already doing this yourself, awesome. You might like to find out what our service entails. Just click this button…

Why Have Us Maintain Your WordPress Website For You?

WordPress is the best web-platform - but it also is one of the most attacked on the net with thousands of sites compromised each day. Relax - we have you covered.

Our team maintains 100’s of WordPress websites and provides peace of mind to website owners like you, ensuring that your biggest online asset is well taken care of. We have streamlined our systems to such an extent, that we can professionally maintain and support a website at a fraction of the cost it takes for even you to handle it yourself.

By the time you log in once a week, do all the updates, fix any problems that happen during manual or automated updates that need rectification, seek external help if you are unable to do it yourself and whatever other challenges might come at you at times, for a small fee, we take care of it all for you. 


Once a month we send you a detailed report on your website status and the work performed.

Depending on the Package you have subscribed to, you might even have an allocated inclusion of professional time at your disposal each month, which you can utilise to have changes made to your site, such as imagery, design, text content etc.

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flexible pay as you go


Smaller Business Sites (up to 10 pages), Personal Blogs, Not-For-Profits - NO ONLINE SHOPS
A$ 39
  • YEARLY A$342 (50% OFF)
  • In-Depth Start Checkup
  • Thorough Maintenance
  • Hack-Proof Security
  • Daily Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • Fast Hosting (if needed)*
  • Premium Anti Spam
  • Help-Desk Support
  • "Creative" Time: NIL** (see below for details)

Business Entry

For Sites With More Than 10 Pages - Also Small Ecommerce Stores < 25 products
A$ 61
  • YEARLY A$534 (50% OFF)
  • In-Depth Start Checkup
  • Thorough Maintenance
  • Hack-Proof Security
  • Daily Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • Fast Hosting (if needed)*
  • Premium Anti Spam
  • Prio Help-Desk Support
  • "Creative" Time: 30 mins** (see below for details)
Most Popular


Medium Sites - With Ecommerce Stores up to 100 Products
A$ 89
  • YEARLY A$774 (50% OFF)
  • In-Depth Start Checkup
  • Thorough Maintenance
  • Hack-Proof Security
  • Daily Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • Fast Hosting (if needed)
  • Premium Anti Spam
  • VIP Help-Desk Support
  • "Creative" Time: 60 mins** (see below for details)

Please note that these rates are subscription based. Monthly Subscriptions renew automatically every month unless cancelled prior. A Yearly Subscription renews after 365 days unless cancelled prior. No lock-in contracts. Cancel anytime prior to the next renewal. If the monthly service time is not used, it does not roll over to the next month.

If you have an eCommerce site with over 100 products, we still love to look after it of course. Please contact us for an individual quote.

Additional Package Information

“Creative” Time means:

Depending on the inclusion in your package, you can request additional work (such as fixing issues with your site, graphics/design, content/texts etc.) to be conducted on the website under the package.

After your request, we will always provide a written quote (or confirmation if you have allocated time available) and wait for your acceptance before commencing any work additional to the usual maintenance items.

Inclusions per Package:

  1. ESSENTIALS: NIL additional “Creative” time – Hourly Rate for such work = A$80
  2. BUSINESS ENTRY: 30 mins per month included – Reduced Hourly Rate for additional work = A$65
  3. PREMIUM: 60 mins per month included – Reduced Hourly Rate for additional work = A$50

Each of our packages comes with the option to move your website to our Industry Leading “Dedicated WordPress Hosting” at no extra cost to you.

If you are happy with your current host, AND our initial check establishes that your current server provides sufficient speed, then there is no need for your site to be moved.

IF however you are dissatisfied with your existing hosting company OR in case our Speed-Check establishes that the server speed is below highest industry standards, we may recommend a migration.

Our team will migrate your website for FREE if that is the case. In any case, we will provide facts and suggestions quickly so that you can make an informed choice.

  1. We endeavour to answer all “Essential” level tickets within 24 hours during West Australian office hours (9-5 WST Timezone GMT+8)
  2. “Business Entry” level is prioritised to a 12 hour ticket response time or less.
  3. “Premium” level tickets are moved to our dedicated VIP team with a 2-hour ticket turnaround or less.

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