Thank You For Your Details

You have now been placed into our structured maintenance program.

Here is what exactly happens next:

A) Pre-Login Checks (before we even log into your site)

  1. Thorough Front-End VISUAL Test of your website (is everything loading as it should?)
  2. Page Speed checks in GOOGLE, PINGDOM and GTmetrix
  3. Full Malware SCAN to make sure the site is clean

Our team will take screenshots of all the above test results and add these to your report. Should they find any serious issues, we will provide the information and make contact to look at what might need rectifying.

This protects both you and us and prevents any misunderstandings with regards to the STATUS of a website handed over to us.

IF your site speed is a problem, we take a closer look at your hosting for you and report back.

Your host might be fine, but if there is a speed or reliability issue, we can move your website to our Top-Level quality hosting, which is included in your package.

B) On-Site Checks

  1. First, we install a plugin that keeps track of ALL work done in the Admin Area of your website, before we TOUCH ANYTHING
  2. Now we take a full backup, still BEFORE touching the site itself.
  3. Next we make sure the site has the highest level of security and malware protection
  4. Now only do we physically enter the Admin section and dive into WordPress, Themes and Plugins to work on Updates
    1. The first thing we do here is to check whether your THEME has a CHILD-THEME installed.
    2. If no Child Theme is present, we look for any custom code in the Theme’s CSS or Functions files as a normal update would destroy such custom code by overwriting it during the update process.
    3. IF we find custom code, we will set up a Child Theme for you to preserve your changes prior to running a Theme update.
  5. IF there are any conflicts during updates, we will attempt to rectify these right away, and if needed, implement fixes on the spot.
  6. Website gets placed into our Up-Time and Malware/Intruder Monitor

This Setup Process in our Maintenance Program can take up to 5 hours of direct input from one of our team members, and often requires some back and forth communication with you to do it justice. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance should this be needed.

Once completed, the site will then move onto the weekly routine check schedule, where ONE physical login happens per week in addition to any flagged issues our monitoring might raise.

Each month you receive a summary report.