WordPress Speed Optimisation


The speed of your website really does matter. Not only is it mentioned as a ranking factor by Google, but more importantly, it is a MAJOR “experience” factor for your visitors

Bad Speed

From this to...

To This...

Reduce Bounce Rate

... And Keep

Your Visitors onsite longer!

Get Better Conversions

From Happy Visitors

Nobody has much patience anymore...

Not all WordPress websites can be speed-optimised alike – here our usual results

Please note, these improvements ALL required a custom focused approach for every single website being optimised. There is no standard way of achieving this, as there are too many factors playing in, hence the large variation.  

Whilst the vast majority of the websites we optimise for speed WILL improve to an 85%+ result in Google PageSpeed, we can’t say this with absolute certainty before taking on a project.

Improved To > 95% PageSpeed
Improved To > 90% PageSpeed
Improved To > 85% PageSpeed
Achieved < 85% PageSpeed

If you are hosting your website on a shared host that spreads the server resources between hundreds, if not thousands of other websites, sometimes it becomes impossible to achieve a good result because of that. One of the very first tests we run is “Server Response Time”. At that point, we can already say with confidence, whether you need to move the site to a better server, something we can happily do for you if needed. We will let you know before commencing your project in earnest.

Introducing our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

First, we check your server speed. If it does the job, we take on the project. If it is a shaky one, we offer to relocate your site to our Top-Level SSD hosting to have the right basis for an optimisation (**please check details below).

Here it comes:

IF after that we are unable to achieve an 85+ Speed result for both Desktop AND Mobile in Google PageSpeed for you, we will refund 100% of your money.

** If you confirm that you like to relocate your website, the physical moving of your website to our server is done at no cost to you (Saving of $50). Our Monthly Dedicated WordPress Hosting rate is only A$15 (Saving of $35), which is in addition to the Optimisation project fee. This will provide you with the best basis for lasting improvement.

Get Your Website Faster Now!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
AUD 287
  • Minimum Result of 85 in Google PageSpeed
  • Image Optimisation
  • Hosting Environment Check
  • Minify Code (CSS, JS, HTML)
  • Combine CSS & JS Files
  • Remove Unused Code
  • Enable Compression
  • Review Active Plugins
  • Reduce DNS Lookups
  • Remove Query strings
  • Add Expires Header

If you are working on a new website, you have to create it with speed in mind. If you like to improve an existing, slow site, it requires a different approach. Then, and equally important, you need to maintain the website correctly to retain the tweaks and improvements. The sooner you get this sorted, the more results you will see from your visitors.